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Thank you for visiting Huwin's website.

Huwin pursues an open and bright corporate culture to create a company where everyone can work happily and enjoyably,
and introduces Huwin's unique welfare system.

4.5 working days

In order to improve the quality of work life by introducing a 0.5-day working day system on one day out of five days a week, we are operating a voluntary system so that you can go to work at 2pm or leave at 1pm.


In accordance with year-end excess performance,
PS system and performance-based
pay system are implemented.

Work environment

We provide an optimal work environment in consideration of work characteristics.
2m X 2m size desk space/high partition/Hermel Miller Aeron provides an office environment that enhances comfort and concentration.

Health promotion

We value the health of our employees and their families, and for this we are subsidizing the cost of examinations.

*Once a year (by yourself or a family member)

Self-development support

We support expenses for individual hobbies
and self-development.

*Once a year

Events and workshops

We support workshops and events for
employee unity, rest, and compensation.


In accordance with relevant laws, individual annual leave and holidays are in operation.

Long service leave
(5-year increments)

We support 10 days of sabbatical leave and vacation expenses for every 5 years of service.

Year-end vacation

We are operating a company-wide holiday
from December 25th to January 1st.


We provide the cost of parking and parking inside
or outside the building for our employees.

Communication cost

We support communication expenses
according to the position of employees.

Congratulatory leave and congratulations and
condolences money

We support employees and their families for vacation and congratulations and congratulations and condolences.