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Huwin provides high-precision measurement of high-frequency signal transmission connectors, cables, and PCBs, as well as test fixture design/measurement and consulting services for this, based on ultra-high frequency engineering experience and patented technology.

Measurement/consulting service items

  • 900Hz~50GHz 4-port Network Parameter Measurement (SYZ-Parameters)
  • TDR Impedance : rise time(min) 8.92ps , resolution (er=1, min) 1.3mm
  • Eye Diagram data rate (max) : 40 Gb/s
  • Multi-Port Differential Signal Path Insertion/Return Loss/Cross-talk/ Diff.-to-Comm. Transition measurement
  • Test Kit and Deembedding Software for Deembedding Measurement Test Fixtures
  • High-speed signal transmission Interconnection characteristic measurement and optimization guide support

Holding measuring equipment

  • Keysight's PNA Microwave Network Analyzer
  • N5225B-405 4-port with second source, configurable test set,
    reference mixer switch, low frequency extension
  • Enhanced Time Domain Analysis with TDR
  • Rugged phase-stable cable
  • DC to 50 GHz 2.4 mm E-Calibration module
보유 측정 장비

PNA Microwave Network Analyzer N5225B

Measurement case

  • USB3.1 C-Type Connector (Super Speed Plus, 10Gbps) Compliance Test
  • Automotive Ethernet Communication Wiring, Connectors (TC2, TC9)
  • PCI Express Interface (~Gen5) Transmission Characteristics
  • High Speed FPC/FFC Connector
  • COM (Computer on Module) Express Interface Transmission Characteristics
  • B2B, B2C Connector/Cable
  • High Speed Ethernet Interface

Enhanced TDR, Advanced Waveform Measurements

    For single-ended, differential, and mode conversion
    Time domain impedance and TDT
  • Advanced Waveform
    Waveform condition test to find the optimal emphasis and equalization setting value for Gbps-class high-speed digital channel link
Advanced Waveform Advanced Waveform Advanced Waveform


  • Holding a patent for the test fixture extraction method for de-embedding
  • Provides precise de-embedding results with improved accuracy of existing de-embedding methods